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Gladwin Summer Camp Closes After Coronavirus Outbreak

The Springs Ministries
A still frame from a 2018 promotional video for The Springs Ministries

A Gladwin summer camp has been closed after reporting a coronavirus outbreak.

The Springs Ministries summer camp in Gladwin closed last week after two members tested positive for coronavirus. 

Now, according to a Gladwin county health official as many as 28 attendees have tested positive for the virus. 

Jennifer Morse is the Medical Director for the Central Michigan Health Department. She said it’s not clear how the coronavirus got to the camp.

“I don’t think we know exactly how it came in. We know two individuals developed symptoms while they were there and were found to be positive.”

A statement on the camp’s website notes that the virus was discovered after one camper tested positive after being sent home. 

The statement noted that “COVID exposure could happen anywhere at any time. We are saddened it happened here.”

Morse said campers have been sent home to quarantine but counselors are waiting out their quarantine at the camp. 

“Rather than going home sick and taking it with them, they’ve stayed at the campgrounds. So we’re very aware of what is happening with them because they are right in our county.”

Morse said some counselors were from out of state and it made sense to keep them quarantined at the campgrounds. 

Morse said it does not appear the camp did anything wrong.

“As far as we know and as far as we can tell the camp did everything appropriately. Sometimes the conditions are just right where an event like this can happen.”

Springs Ministries has canceled the next two weeks of sessions but Morse said they are in talks about whether the camp will re-start in August. 

“We are praising the Lord for 3 weeks of summer camp,” said a statement posted on Springs Ministries website. “Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your campers this summer.”

Springs Ministries did not respond to our request for comment.

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