CPB Community Service Grant (CSG) Compliance - WKAR

As a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Community Service Grant (CSG) recipient, Michigan State University and WKAR present this information and documentation to ensure transparency in business matters to the general public.

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(517) 884-4700
404 Wilson Road Room 212
East Lansing, MI 48824

WKAR Station Management

WKAR Radio

GM/Executive Director: Susi Elkins | susi@wkar.org
Chief Financial Officer: Scott Gascon | smg@msu.edu
Head of Development: Melanie McGuire | melanie@wkar.org
Head of Programming: Drew Henderson | drew@wkar.org
Head of Production: Drew Henderson | drew@wkar.org
Head of Comm. Outreach: Julie Sochay| jsochay@wkar.org
Head of Educational Services: Robin Pizzo | robin@wkar.org
Head of Interactive/Web Services: Bill Richards | billr@wkar.org
Head of Marketing/Promotion: Julie Sochay | jsochay@wkar.org


GM/Executive Director: Susi Elkins | susi@wkar.org
Chief Financial Officer: Scott Gascon | smg@msu.edu
Head of Development: Melanie McGuire | melanie@wkar.org
Head of Programming: Susi Elkins | susi@wkar.org
Head of Production: Brant Wells | brant@wkar.org
Head of Comm. Outreach: Julie Sochay| jsochay@wkar.org
Head of Educational Services: Robin Pizzo | robin@wkar.org
Head of Interactive/Web Services: Bill Richards | billr@wkar.org
Head of Marketing/Promotion: Julie Sochay| jsochay@wkar.org

WKAR Governing Board (MSU Board of Trustees)

WKAR-AM, FM and TV are licensed to the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University. For additional information please visit: trustees.msu.edu/about/.

Joel I. Ferguson - 1/1/21*
Dianne Byrum, Chair - 1/1/25*
Melanie Foster - 1/1/23*
Dan Kelly, Vice Chair - 1/1/25*
Mitch Lyons - 1/1/19*
Brian Mosallam - 1/1/21*
Nancy Schlichting - 1/1/23*
Brianna T. Scott - 1/1/27
Kelly Tebay - 1/1/27*

* Trustee Term End Dates

Community Advisory Board

WKAR-AM, FM, and TV are owned and operated by a state university and therefore are not required to have a Community Advisory Board.

Open Meetings Policy

WKAR-AM, FM and TV are licensed to the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University. The Trustees comprise the governing body for WKAR. The MSU Board of Trustees meets several times per year. Please visit trustees.msu.edu/meetings/ for details on the Board of Trustees meeting dates.

2019 Meetings

All Board meetings are action meetings and begin at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated.

  • January 9 at 10:00 a.m.
  • January 17 at 8:00 a.m.
  • February 15
  • April 12
  • June 19
  • September 6
  • October 25
  • December 13

These meeting dates will be publicized on both the WKAR website and the Michigan State University website. WKAR radio and television will make on-air announcements on three consecutive days, at varying times, once each calendar quarter. These announcements provide guidance on how the public may obtain information on the time, dates and location of Trustees meetings. Notice of these meetings will be sent via letter, email, fax, telephone or in person to individuals who have specifically requested notification.

When an agenda item specifically related to WKAR is on the docket, notice will be placed on the WKAR website.

Financial Reporting Requirements

WKAR makes the annual Audited Financial Statements and Annual Financial Reports submitted to CPB available to the public, both online at the station's website, and in paper along with the stations FCC Public File in the main office: 404 Wilson Road, Room 212, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212.

WKAR adheres to a discrete accounting system, which allows the grantor and auditor to discretely track funds within the accounting system.

Diversity Statement

WKAR-AM/FM/TV is a joint licensee and departmental unit of Michigan State University (MSU). WKAR follows the Statement on Diversity and Inclusion by former Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon, as well as MSU's Equal Opportunity and non-Discrimination Employment Policy.

In addition to meeting the diversity and inclusion guidelines outlined in all related MSU policies related to hiring goals, WKAR is committed to promoting respect among employees, students, visitors, volunteers and all members of the community. We believe our mission is best fulfilled when we embrace and promote understanding of the diversity in our community as both a value, and a practice.

For WKAR at MSU, diversity and inclusion includes four distinct attributes:

  • Inclusiveness - It is essential that we embody, respect, and value diversity that reflects our community and to create opportunities that embrace these differences, including ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, philosophical viewpoint, and socio-economic background.
  • Perspective - We articulate and analyze different perspectives so our viewers, listeners and users can make up their own minds. We always encourage a fair, open and civil dialog.
  • Geography - It is important to note that while we directly serve the mid-Michigan area, with today's expanding digital media, our community can be served anywhere in the world.
  • Age - Our viewers, listeners and users range in age from young children to seniors. We recognize and build upon this age diversity by finding new and exciting ways to preserve our existing audience while attracting new people to our content.

With the benefit of being located on the campus of a major research university where free and open exchange of viewpoints is valued and encouraged, as well as in the heart of the state's capitol, WKAR staff, leadership, and governance unquestionably reflects these attributes - inclusiveness, perspective, geography, and age.

Since 2011, when WKAR joined the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, we have strengthened our partnership with Michigan State University to underscore our commitment to inclusiveness. We have increased our ties to the academic mission of the university by creating experiential learning opportunities for students through internships; we have partnered with other colleges within the university to promote interdisciplinary research and programs to support our community; we have created new programming - more local programming than anytime in WKAR's history - to address community needs for viewers and listeners of all ages; and we are expanding our reach through an online digital programming strategy using web streaming, mobile apps, and the like. Such ambitious undertakings require organizational agility at all levels, which WKAR has achieved by recruiting and hiring individuals through national searches who are among the very best in their field. Hiring a better-trained and skilled workforce as positions become available through retirement or resignation has enabled WKAR to more effectively pursue excellence in all areas of diversity and inclusion.

To that end, WKAR has set the following diversity goals for 2015:

  • To recruit and retain a diverse workforce that is representative of our community.
  • To provide equal opportunity in employment.
  • To educate our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.
  • To assist in developing a more diverse future workforce with professional skills in the broadcasting/media industry by recruiting candidates for WKAR internship opportunities through participation in minority or other diversity based job fairs.

Related Resources

By taking advantage of the additional resources offered by Michigan State University, WKAR is proud to utilize, endorse and implement the following:

Annual Diversity Reports

WKAR publishes a yearly Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report detailing the hiring and outreach practices during the preceding year. It is available under the ‘Public File' section on the website at wkar.org.

In addition, every year Michigan State University compiles a report to reflect diversity and inclusion as dynamic activities that take place at the university each year. The report is presented annually in the spring to the MSU Board of Trustees and is available to the public online. The report is designed to demonstrate the vast number of ways that diversity and inclusion are defined. MSU goes well beyond counting and describing people to identify and highlight top quality innovative methods used in teaching, research, student support and stewardship throughout the nation and the world.

Visit Diversity and Inclusion > Annual Diversity Reports

Training Programs available for management and appropriate staff

The MSU Human Resources Department, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, and the Faculty and Organizational Development Office provide online, instructor-led, and customized training on key areas such as leadership, inclusion, and employee relations. Examples of specific topics include:

  • Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Preparing for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace
  • Preventing, Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment
  • Best Practices in Recruiting and Hiring
  • Recognizing Bias

Supervisors and staff of WKAR routinely take advantage of these educational resources.

EEO Requirements

All personnel hiring is handled with the Human Resources division of Michigan State University, which exercises its own EEO policy. Further, WKAR will comply with the hiring and reporting practices as required by FCC regulations. Yearly EEO reports are posted on the station's website at wkar.org/public-file.

Station Activity Documents

In addition, these documents are available for viewing with the FCC Public File:

Local Content and Services Report

Donor Lists

Donor lists will not be sold, rented, loaned, traded, or otherwise transferred to outside parties. WKAR will periodically remind contributors or donors of this privacy policy.

updated 3/28/2019