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James Brown, Viral Dunker, and Father Matthew Brown Speak On Basketball


There's a dunk you have to see, but beware MSU fans, it's not very flattering to one current Michigan State basketball star.

When Josh Lanford's posterization at the Moneyball Summer League Pro-Am tournament had Twitter tripping out, fans began to wonder, "Who is that kid?"

On Wednesday, "Current Sports with Al Martin" tracked down the dunker. James Brown, who plays junior college basketball,  joined Current Sports with his father, Matthew Brown.

Having made the trip back home for Moneyball, James Brown discussed with Al his journey to this point, leading back to his Lansing roots where a unique motivational tool from his father spurred on his progress. The Lansing Everett alumnus also opened up about coming back and playing against his former competitors.

Matthew Brown expounds on what makes the Moneyball tournament refreshing for a parent, and why it has given his son a chance to shine on a big stage. A coach himself, Matthew Brown surmises that mental focus and aptitude are key ingredients beyond talent.

For that reason, Al summons the dialog about AAU and youth basketball once again. James and Matthew Brown both try to analyze its impact on the game, while offering solutions to its systemic faults. 

Ranging from college athletics to parenting an athlete, the wide-scope interview can be found above.

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