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It's Not Okay - Kids Against Bullying

Join WKAR in helping promote the message of bullying prevention. We need to hear your voice about preventing the harm caused by bullying.

Bullying affects everyone. It is time to start a conversation so that nobody has to feel alone. Everyone has the right to be safe. We need you to help us find the right words that will convince people to stand up to bullying. 

WKAR is having a video creation contest to create awareness about bullying and to let your voice be heard. We want to hear how you and your friends can help people get informed about bullying and what people can do to prevent it. 

Write, Draw, Paint, Act, Dance, Sing, Strum, Drum, Run, Fly, Create! 

Create a 30 second video that shows how we can reach out to help people who need support against bullying. The best videos will be chosen to go on WKAR-TV starting in October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Submission instructions:  

Upload your finished video to Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or other video or file sharing service. Create an email with your name, age, address, phone number, and the URL of the video to jthomson@wkar.org. You will also need to download the release form and have your parent or guardian fill it out with you. This form must be signed, so it needs to be mailed in. The address is 

Michigan State University?
404 Wilson Road Room 212
East Lansing MI 48824-1212


  • Must be 12-18 years of age.
  • Any content such as music, writing, drawings and pictures, must be your own original work.
  • The release forms must be signed by the participants' parents. These are available at the web site.
  • The winners will receive a prize as well as have their videos selected for broadcast on WKAR-TV and wkar.org.
  • Prizes are yet to be determined.
  • The deadline for the video submissions is February 28, 2014. 


  • Think about your audience. Who is going to hear your message and what do you want them to take from it?
  • Writing your own music is a great way to communicate. Make sure that any music you author is fully original. 
  • When in doubt, simplicity is the most effective method of communication. Simple shots
  • If you are having trouble imaging how to create the flow of the video, try drawing story boards or simple drawings. 
  • Make sure you have enough light for your photos or videos. Shooting clear videos in a dark room is very challenging. 
  • Using a tripod will ensure that your message comes across clearly.  Shaky images in videos can be distracting. 
  • Since the winning entries will be on WKAR-TV, make sure to keep the language and content clean.
  • Make sure that you save your original video file that you uploaded to the video sharing service. The original video file will be needed for playback on WKAR-TV if you are a selected winner.

Click here to join the conversation #bullyingnotok