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Lansing Diocese Releases Names of Priests Accused of Abusing Minors Since 1937

Catholic Diocese, sexual abuse
Scott Pohl
(L to R): Bishop Earl Boyea; assault survivor and counselor Eileen Craig; and Diocese of Lansing General Counsel Will Bloomfield.

The Catholic Diocese of Lansing has released the names of 17 priests believed to have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor since 1937.

The diocese noted that the term “credible allegation” that one or more of the following points were a factor:

  • The Diocesan Review Board, the Bishop of Lansing determined the allegation was credible.
  • The accused admitted the allegation or it resulted in a criminal conviction.
  • The accused was removed from the ministry or it resulted in a civil settlement with the accused or the Diocese.

According to the Diocese of Lansing, here is the list of priests accused of abusing a minor between 1937-2019. The term “laicized” means they have lost the clerical state. They can no longer conduct sacred ministry in the Church and they are no longer financially supported by the Church.:

Diocese of Lansing clergy permanently removed from ministry:

Aubin, Joseph Emile 
Ordained – 1961
Senior Priest Status – 6/26/02
Removal from public ministry - 11/15/2018

Crowley, Timothy
Ordained for the Congregation of the Holy Ghost – 1976
Incardinated to Diocese of Lansing – 1982
Removed from ministry – 7/15/02
Laicized - 6/26/15

DeLorenzo, Vincent Anthony (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained – 1965
Removed from ministry – 1/23/02
Laicization pending

Guoan, Paul James (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained – 1987
Removed from ministry – 3/11/02
Laicized - 6/26/15

Healy, Terrence M (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained for Diocese of Marquette – 1968
Incardinated to Diocese of Lansing – 1985
Removed from ministry - 9/4/87
Laicized - 6/12/92

Kelly, Michael Robert
Ordained – 1976
Left active ministry - 12/1/83 
Laicized - 2/9/92

Novak, James Martin (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained – 1957
Senior Priest status - 6/25/97
Removed from ministry – 11/25/02
Laicization pending

Diocese of Lansing deceased clergy: 

Lee, James William Jr (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained – 1948
Senior Priest status - 10/15/84
Died - 1/25/92

Lesniak, Marian John
Ordained – 1950
Senior Priest status - 10/3/02
Died - 10/9/2011

Martin, John Edward 
Ordained – 1918
Senior Priest status - 6/15/66 
Died - 11/9/68

Slowey, John Donald (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained – 1940
1/13/83: Died

Tomaszewski, Chester Vincent
Ordained – 1959
Sick Leave - 1/15/87
Died - 10/21/87

Wyszynski, Darius
Ordained for Assumption BVM Franciscan Province, Wisconsin – 1958
Incardinated to Diocese of Lansing - 1970
Senior Priest Status - 11/5/07
Died - 2/17/2013

Clergy of other dioceses – that had a credible allegation of sexual abuse during their time in the Diocese of Lansing:

Jason Sigler (multiple allegations against him)
Ordained for Archdiocese of Winnipeg – 1966
Dates present in Diocese – 1968-1970; 1974
Laicized – 2/23/99

Religious Order clergy with a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor during their time in the Diocese of Lansing: 

Boardway, Alphonse O.F.M. Conv, Our Lady of Consolation Province 
Ordination - 1967
Died – 1997

McHugh, Joseph, CSSp, Irish Province (multiple allegations against him)
Ordination - 1958
Dates present in Diocese – 1974-1976
Died – 9/25/07

Rapp, James, OSFS Toledo-Detroit Province (multiple allegations against him)
Dates present in Diocese - 1981 – 1986
Laicization – 9/21/09

Scott Pohl is a general assignment news reporter and produces news features and interviews. He is also an alternate local host on NPR's "Morning Edition."
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