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State House Approves Overhaul Of Concealed Pistol License Approvals

Concealed weapons bills similar to ones Governor Rick Snyder vetoed last month are one step closer to heading back to his desk.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher has more.

The legislation would overhaul the way Michigan approves concealed pistol licenses. But it no longer contains language Snyder said could put domestic abuse victims in danger.

Republican state Representative Klint Kesto says the bills would make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to obtain a concealed pistol license.

   “Simple consistency,” he says.  “It’s almost like a word called common sense.”

Many Democrats and rural Republicans still oppose the measure. They say it wouldn’t allow local officials to use their knowledge of who in their community is fit to carry a gun.

Jake Neher is a reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He covers the State Legislature and other political events in Lansing.
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