1,000 Pledges - 1,000 Trees

Apr 18, 2013

Your pledge to WKAR on April 22 -- our celebration of Earth Day -- can help make our Earth greener. Pledge here to Radio | Pledge here to TV

For every pledge that is received on Earth Day -- April 22, 2013 -- Reed Insurance Agency representing Auto-Owners Insurance will plant one tree in mid-Michigan in partnership with the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance. Your pledge can help us toward our goal of planting 1,000 trees.

Pledge here to Radio | Pledge here to TV 

Donations will go toward trees planted right here in the mid-Michigan area.

Special Programming

WKAR Radio will offer Earth Day programming including an Earth Day edition of Current State. Look for some classical music with a nod to the environment.

WKAR-TV will present the popular programs Alone in the Wilderness and Alone in the Wilderness 2 in the evening.

A Special Goal

The goal of this event is to reach at least 1,000 pledges – between TV and Radio – on Earth Day.  No matter what amount you donate, your pledge will make a difference, both to WKAR and in our local environment. 

About the Go Green Youth Challenge

The GGYC engages youth in environmental stewardship, community development and service-learning through a state-wide effort to plant trees in Michigan.  During the spring, students participate in a friendly competition to raise money toward tree plantings.  Since the program began in 2011, Michigan’s youth, along with sponsor donations, have helped plant over 600 trees in 12 different communities across our beautiful state! 

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance is a coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day throughout Michigan.