The Amazing Human Body | PBS Special

Sep 13, 2018

Wed., Sep. 19, 8pm on WKAR - HD 23.1 | The human body is the most sophisticated organism on Earth, yet much about it remains a mystery. 

The Amazing Human Body uses cutting-edge graphics to reveal the surprisingly beautiful biological procesesses that keep you alive. 

How does the brain communicate with the body in order to learn new skills? What is the connection between a teenager’s craving for fatty foods and sudden growth spurts? And how does cell regeneration allow an octogenarian to compete in a grueling triathlon and live to tell the tale? In this series, discover the ingenious ways the body develops, adapts and endures.

Episode 1 | Grow | Wednesday, Sep. 19

Learn how humans grow from a single cell to beings of more than 37 trillion cells. 

Episode 2 | Survive | Wednesday, Sep. 19

Discover the miraculous ways the human body works to stay alive and healthy. 

Episode 3 | Learn | Wednesday, Sep. 19

See how experience teaches the brain and body to work together and develop new skills.