Bridges | Curious Crew | Ep. 207

Jan 29, 2016

Paper arches, sponge beams and human bridges? WATCH NOW

Learn how bridges are a natural part of human history and are as simple as crossing a fallen tree across a creek. Then try the STEM Challenge by making a truss bridge out of straws. 


Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Lamination Power (pdf): How can you make a simple paper bridge hold more weight?
  2. Sponge Beam Bridge (pdf): Discover opposing forces that act on bridges!
  3. Paper Arches (pdf): Find out how to strengthen a bridge by changing its shape.
  4. Simple Suspension Bridge (pdf): Find out how suspension bridges work!
  5. Human Cable-Stayed Bridge (pdf): How long can you hold your arms out to your sides? Well,if you turn yourself into a Cable Stayed Bridge, you can do it for a really long time!

STEM Challenge - Make a Straw Truss Bridge: Find out what happens when you add triangles to your bridge design!

first air 2/1/16 Ep. 207