City Center II Discussions End

Jun 26, 2012

East Lansing city officials and Strathmore Development have ended years of ongoing discussions over City Center II.

Several hours apart on Tuesday, both entities determined the proposed $105 million redevelopment project would not generate the revenue necessary to fund it.  

Strathmore President Scott Chapelle says he notified the city of his request to withdraw from the process in the afternoon.  Several hours later the city council unanimously agreed to end discussions of the public-private plan.

East Lansing Mayor Pro-Tem Nathan Triplett says the city is still eager to see  the development of the derelict corner at Grand River and Abbot Road.

"I somewhat doubt that any plan brought forward by Strathmore now would involve a public private partnership, but again, it's far too early to say," he says.

In an e-mail to City Planning Director Tim Dempsey, Chapelle thanked the city for its hard work on the project during difficult economic times.