Icon: Music Through the Lens

Jul 14, 2021

Fridays, Jul. 16–30, at 9 pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Revel in the eye-opening, thrilling world of live music photography through the experiences of the people who have documented popular music in images, from the earliest darkrooms to the quickly-evolving digital landscapes of the present day.

Featuring irreverent interviews with some of the most famous music photographers, musicians, gallerists, music journalists and social commentators, Icon: Music Through the Lens is an eye-opening thrill ride that captures what it was like on both sides of the camera when the most recognizable images in history were taken. Via studio portraits, record sleeves, coffee table books, magazine photo shoots, fine art and images taken at live shows and exhibitions, viewers will learn about the origins of these enduring, iconic images and the future of music photography.

On Camera | Jul. 16
Get to know some of music photography’s greatest names.

On the Road | Jul. 23
Hear the tales of devoted photographers who toured with bands to capture the magic of live music.

On the Record | Jul. 30
Explore the evolution of album cover art, from its roots in jazz and early rock ‘n’ roll to today.

Watch each episode at video.wkar.org during or after the premiere date.