LPD Seeks State Accreditation

Aug 11, 2020

The Lansing Police Department is seeking accreditation from a state organization that monitors professional law enforcement standards.

The LPD announced the effort in a press conference Tuesday. The Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission assesses police departments on 105 objectives. When completed, trained assessors verify if the department is implementing the standards in its policies and procedures.

The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police runs the accrediting agency. Association executive director Robert Stevenson says the foundation of accreditation lies in the voluntary adoption of several standards, explaining that the areas covered include administrative, personnel, operations, investigative and arestee-detainee prisoner handling functions.

Lansing has taken several steps this summer to reform its police force in the wake of protests in the city following the killing of George Floyd.

Chief Daryl Green says the evaluation from the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission is a way of aligning with the state’s best standards. “The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police have really invested the time and energy to look at standards across the country," Green continues. "They’re constantly updating their standards, and I have the highest level of confidence in them as an institution as well.”

Accreditation could take up to two years, with the possibility of a third year if an extension is needed.