Sophia Saliby

All Things Considered local host and producer

Sophia Saliby is the local producer and host of All Things Considered, airing 4pm-7pm weekdays on 90.5 FM WKAR.

Sophia Saliby joined WKAR and MSU ComArtSci in April 2020.

Sophia comes to WKAR from Georgia Public Broadcasting, where she was the producer for GPB's All Things Considered broadcast in Atlanta.

Prior to that experience, Sophia was a reporter for WFIU/WTIU in Bloomington, Indiana. She has won numerous awards from the Indiana Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the Indiana Society of Professional Journalists. Saliby graduated from Indiana University with degrees in international studies and Arabic.

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Cover of the 2021 Michigan Poverty Task Force Report
Michigan Department of Labor And Economic Opportunity

Forty-three percent of Michigan households struggle to afford necessities like housing, childcare, food, health care and transportation.

That’s according to the United Way’s 2017 “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed,” or ALICE Report.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer created the Michigan Poverty Task Force in 2019 to change those statistics and help low-income Michiganders.

Courtesy, Michael Lynn Jr.

This week, the Lansing Fire Department fired an employee who is also the co-leader of Black Lives Matter Lansing.


Activist Michael Lynn Jr. has been a prominent critic of city officials including Lansing Mayor Andy Schor and Police Chief Daryl Green.

Cover of "Black Bottom Saints"
Courtesy Alice Randall

Though Detroit’s historic Black Bottom neighborhood may be physically gone, author Alice Randall resurrects the energy and life of the Black center of the city in her 2020 novel, "Black Bottom Saints."

dictionary entry for blacklist
Scot Pohl/WKAR

Words and phrases like blacklist, black box, and black hat might seem innocuous to some, but these terms carry an implicit meaning that black is inherently bad, opaque or malicious.

Now, there’s a push to reexamine biased words in our language and substitute them for words with more neutral or inclusive meanings.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on Michigan’s communities of color.

Research has found during the first four months of the pandemic, the COVID death rate for African American Michiganders was nearly 7 times higher than white ones.

City of Lansing, Michigan / Youtube

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor highlighted his efforts at addressing diversity and accountability during Wednesday's 2021 Virtual State of the City Address.

Mayor Schor touted his efforts in working with Lansing’s police chief to reform policies for traffic stops and putting an end to “no knock” searches.

Abigail Censky / WKAR-MSU

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, now in the final year of his term, is set to deliver the 2021 State of The City on February 3. Schor has already stated his main priorities this year will include handling the coronavirus pandemic, continuing racial justice and equity work, and dealing with the city’s budget.

2020 proved to be a chaotic year rife with controversies for Schor, who has not announced if he plans to run again.

Michigan State University spartan tiles
Michigan State University

A more than year-long investigation by the Lansing State Journal found at least 11 university employees who violated its sexual misconduct policy were still affiliated with the school.

Angela Waters Austin address a crowd during a protest
Zach Whaley

Many government and business leaders pledged to increase diversity and accountability following the police killing of George Floyd. WKAR's Sophia Saliby spoke with Angela Waters Austin about her work to promote racial equity and what she believes still needs to change in the city of Lansing.

East Lansing High School student, Alle Bazela holds a Friends-themed Monopoly game.
Alle Bazela

If you shop at some downtown East Lansing businesses in the next month, you might see photos on display taken by East Lansing High School students and staff.

They’re part of a community art exhibit focusing on the theme of “ELHS Family Strong,” or what has kept people going during the COVID-19 pandemic.