MI Education Advocates Worry How Coronavirus Affects Disadvantaged Students

Mar 19, 2020

A Michigan education think tank says it’s concerned about the learning gap disadvantaged students are facing as schools remain closed because of the coronavirus. 


All K-12 schools in Michigan remain closed until at least April 5. 

The state is working to give written guidance to individual school districts on next steps, including how they may transition to online learning. 

The prolonged closure concerns groups like Education Trust Midwest. 

Spokesman Brian Gutman says low-income and special needs students are most vulnerable to the learning gap.

“These students are at particular risk,” Gutman says.  “And now, without school, at home there’s a real question of how their needs are being met.”

The coronavirus pandemic has also spurred incidents of racism and xenophobia.

Gutman says whenever schools return to normal, adults must provide a secure place for students of all ethnic origins.