Michigan AG Lawsuit Response: Election’s Over, Voters Spoke

Nov 18, 2020

Credit Courtesy / Michigan Department of Attorney General

The state Attorney General’s office filed a response Wednesday to an effort by Republicans to take their election challenge to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Poll challengers working for President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party want the state’s highest court to take their case after losing in lower courts. The Attorney General’s reply to the filing says there are at least seven reasons for the Michigan Supreme Court to deny this application and let the certification of the statewide results to proceed as planned. They say those lower courts got it right by ruling the challenges would probably fail, and even if they do succeed won’t change the result.

Also, the brief says, voters in Detroit and Wayne County – where the lawsuit originated -- should not be disenfranchised if there were errors.

“All doubts as to technical deficiencies or failure to comply with the exact letter of
procedural requirements are resolved in favor of permitting the people to vote and express their will on any proposal subject to election.”

Those totals have been certified by the Wayne County Board of Canvassers – albeit after a wild and contentious meeting where Republican board members initially tried to block certification.

The Attorney General says the GOP and the Trump campaign can seek a recount once the statewide results are certified. The Michigan Board of State Canvassers has a certification meeting scheduled for Monday.