MSU Police: Wilson Hall Targeted For At Least Ten Burglaries

Mar 21, 2019

Michigan State University's Police Department reported ten break-ins in one residence hall. Half of those crimes occurred during the week of spring break.

According to MSUPD's Clery Crime & Fire Log between March 1-10, there were 43 crimes reported that included burglary, larceny, and traffic violations on campus.

Eight of the reported crimes happened during spring break in Wilson Hall. Several were reported as forced entry burglary. 

Starting March 11, Wilson Hall residents have reported two more cases of larceny and forced entry burglary.

There have been no arrests. The majority of these cases are being reviewed by the police department.

MSUPD Captain Doug Monette said the department continues to advise students to lock their doors and keep their personal belongings close while on campus.