Refraction of Light | Curious Crew | Ep. 203

Dec 30, 2015

Fat finger, milky sunset, and ghostly bowl? WATCH NOW

Explore the way light can be affected by air, water, and other things as well as learn why the sky is blue and why spear fishing may be more difficult than it looks. Then try the STEM Challenge and make lenses out of gelatin, and see how they affect light rays.


Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Ghostly Bowl (pdf): Now you see it; now you don’t!
  2. Fat Finger (pdf):Perform this funny finger experiment to learn more about how light,water, and glass interact.
  3. Broken Pencil (pdf): A puzzle - How can you break a pencil without breaking it?
  4. Disappearing Penny (pdf): Amuse your friends with this disappearing act!
  5. Reappearing Penny (pdf): Make a penny magically reappear!
  6. Water Droplet Magnifier (pdf): Amaze yourself with the power of a drop of water!
  7. Test Tube Magnifier (pdf): Can you figure out how a test tube magnifier works?
  8. Bending a Laser Beam (pdf): Light travels in straight lines—or does it?
  9. Milky Sunset (pdf): Make your very own sunset!

STEM Challenge - Making Jell-O Lenses (pdf): What can you learn from a lens made of Jell-O? Amazing!

first air 1/4/16 Ep. 203