A State Lawmaker Wants To Bring Space Force Headquarters To Michigan

Jul 22, 2020

A new resolution in the state senate urges President Trump and the Air Force to consider bringing the headquarters of Space Force to Michigan.

The resolution follows on the heels of the city of Sterling Heights submitting a bid for consideration to be the site of Space Force’s command center. 

Republican State Senator Michael MacDonald introduced the resolution. He said he wants to turn Michigan into a “space state.” 

“We can launch satellites like any of the coastal states because of our water but what we can do that they can’t is we’re safe, we’re secure in the middle of the country where they are vulnerable. Any defense initiative should run out of Michigan.”

MacDonald says efforts are already underway to bring two satellite launch sites to Michigan. 

A potential horizontal satellite launch site was announced in Oscoda earlier this year. A second possible vertical launch site in Michigan is expected to be announced later this week. 

MacDonald said between two satellite launch sites and a command center...

“It would create a narrative where we can just demand the Space Force.”

If Michigan can rebrand itself as a space state MacDonald said it could have major impacts on the state’s economy.