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Are you happy? MSU researchers discuss factors that impact our happiness

Are you happy? What is happiness exactly? Is it true what Abraham Lincoln is said to have said, that we’re just about as happy as we decide we want to be? Is happiness that simple? What is the World Happiness Report, and what’s in the 2024 report?

MSU psychology researchers Bill Chopik and Rich Lucas discuss happiness on this episode of MSU Today. Chopik works from his Close Relationships Lab, and Lucas works from his Personality and Well-Being Lab.

Conversation Highlights:

(0:38) – Chopik shares his background, attraction to MSU, and mission of his lab.

Bill Chopik, left, and Rich Lucas
Russ White | MSU Today
Bill Chopik, left, and Rich Lucas

(2:01) – Lucas on his background, research interests, and mission of his lab.

(3:01) – “Happiness is more complicated than my mom thinks it is.”

(4:46) – Is happiness the ultimate end, meaning it’s not a means to another end?

(6:34) – What are the factors that determine our happiness?

(9:42) – What is the World Happiness Report, and what’s in the 2024 edition?

(11:22) – Are there certain geographic areas that are happier than others?

(12:22) – What’s the difference between happiness and usefulness?

(16:13) – Are there levels or degrees of happiness, maybe short- and long-term happiness?

(19:30) – Do certain age groups tend to be happier than others?

(22:15) – How can students and alumni connect with you and interact with your labs?

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