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The Spartan duo dominating Detroit radio

Russ White, Rico Beard, Mike Valenti
Russ White | MSU Today
Russ White, Rico Beard, Mike Valenti

MSU Com Art Sci alumni Mike Valenti and Rico Beard host the top show on the top radio station in Detroit. It’s The Valenti Show with Rico on 97.1 The Ticket.

Valenti earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2002. Beard earned a bachelor’s in telecommunication in 1993 and a master’s in telecommunication and urban studies in 1997.

Mike and Rico talk about what attracted them to MSU and how their MSU experiences impacted them. They discuss the evolving worlds of radio and college athletics. They offer their advice for young people entering the communications world, and Mike explains why he is not on social media.

Conversation Highlights:

(0:23) – Mike, what first attracted you to MSU? He always and only wanted to do sports radio.

Mike Valenti, left, and Rico Beard
Russ White | MSU Today
Mike Valenti, left, and Rico Beard

(3:01) – How did the “cornucopia of options” you encountered at MSU impact you?

(4:20) – Rico, why did you choose MSU?

(5:11) – How did your MSU experience impact you?

(6:15) – How did you two meet and what is your relationship like?

(7:09) – What’s the mission of the show? “It’s infotainment.”

(9:20) – How has radio evolved over your career, and do you care how people are listening to you?

(12:02) – What is the state and future of college athletics?

(20:30) – Mike on what some call his love/hate relationship with his alma mater.

(23:00) – What’s something in the sports world you’re concerned about? “It’s greedflation.” The day of the dynasty may be over. There’s no middle class in sports; it’s the haves and the have-nots.

(27:23) – What’s your advice for students today?

(31:17) – Mike, why aren’t you on social media?

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