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Trailer | Space: The Longest Goodbye

Season 25 Episode 16 | 30s

NASA's goal to send astronauts to Mars would require a three-year absence from Earth, during which communication in real time would be impossible due to the immense distance. Meet the psychologists whose job is to keep astronauts mentally stable in outer space, as they are caught between their dream of reaching new frontiers and the basic human need to stay connected to home.

An Ozarks wild hog hunt leads to a vulnerable reunion for an Iranian American and childhood friend.
Oil painter Samir Khurshid's work reflects his tumultuous Iraq childhood and refugee life.
How did the extreme Antarctic winter affected the Belgica's crew?
The role and meaning of sound is explored in an unconventional documentary experience.
The central mystery of this unconventional documentary is the nature of sound itself.
How can future astronauts best prepare themselves to face these challenges?
NASA psychologists prepare astronauts for the extreme isolation of a Mars mission.
How do you keep humans sane and relatively content in isolation?
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The grueling journey to Mars.