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WATCH: The growth of disc golf provides opportunity to go pro

Justin Walsh

Disc golf’s popularity is bringing money to the tournaments, allowing the best players to find careers as pro players.

The sport of disc golf is popular around Mid-Michigan, with several courses to play and practice on. The growth has reached the point of having a next level, with the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) hosting events..

The Ichabod Crane Open, a PDGA event hosted in Laingsburg, helps bring the game of disc golf to the Lansing Area. Hosted by PDGA member Alex Moser, the event provides an opportunity for local competitors of different skill levels to come out and compete.

While some professionals compete to earn their living, most competitors at the event are amateurs simply out to have a good time.

WKAR's Current Sports took an inside look at the event, covering the ins and outs of what an event like this is like:

Professional Disc Golf UPDATED.mp4

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