Action On Health Care “Moral Objections” Bill Delayed

Mar 15, 2013

Action appears to have stalled on a state Senate bill that would let health care insurers and providers choose not to offer services based on their moral objections.

Credit WKAR File Photo

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, the measure has sparked intense debate.

Some Republican lawmakers wanted to send the bill straight to the state Senate floor without public testimony. They say they already heard public comment on a similar bill last year.

But a lot of people showed up to committee hearings to speak on the legislation.

Midland Unitarian Minister Jeff Liebmann was one of them.

“This has nothing to do with ensuring religious liberty,"  he says.  "This has to do with allowing institutions to discriminate against people.”

Supporters defended the bill. They say it does not allow hospitals, doctors, or insurers to discriminate based on a patient’s status. They also point out the bill would not apply in emergencies.

Senate Health Policy Committee Chair Jim Marleau says he’s not sure when he’ll take the bill up again.