After Eckert: BWL charts a clean energy course

Jan 14, 2016

Michigan will idle nine coal-fired power plants this spring. Utilities like the Lansing Board of Water and Light are developing strategies for replacing that power while meeting forecasted population growth. We hear from the co-chairman of the BWL’s citizen advisory committee, former Michigan Public Service Commission member Steve Transeth.

It’s not the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge, but the three towering smokestacks that dominate the Lansing skyline south of downtown are undeniably an iconic city landmark. The Eckert Power Station has generated electricity since the mid-1950’s, but the plant is outliving its usefulness. The Lansing Board of Water and Light plans to take the plant offline in 2020. Officials are considering how to replace that power capacity and build even more in the coming years.

Late last year, the BWL created a citizen advisory committee to develop a so-called “integrated resources plan” to prepare for the region’s future energy needs.

Current State talks with the co-chairman of that committee,  Steve Transeth. He's an attorney specializing in energy law and a former member of the Michigan Public Service Commission.