Are you running correctly?

May 6, 2014

John Benedict says Curt Munson got him back into running following an injury, and was pain free within two weeks.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

It’s not that often that individuals from the Lansing area can claim to have had an impact around the world.  Curt Munson and John Benedict are members of that fraternity. Thanks to them, runners everywhere have been able to prevent injuries.

Munson took over a Playmakers apparel and footwear store in 1977.  In the 80’s, he and co-owner John Benedict began exploring a challenge that every runner has faced: injuries, or more specifically, how to prevent them.

Current State spoke with Munson and Benedict about how years of investigation led to their preventive technique that’s spread around the world: Good Form Running. Its mantra is "run light, run easy."

Munson says Good Form Running goes back eight years.