Attorney alleges 'miscarriage of justice' over local marijuana convictions

May 24, 2013

Currently, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act only allows patients with the need for medical marijuana to either grow the plant on their own, or find an individual -- known as the primary caregiver -- who is willing to grow it for them to do so. However, registered primary caregivers can only assist up to five qualifying patients.
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Marijuana possession is still a federal crime, but law enforcement and prosecution has been extremely confusing in many states -- including Michigan -- which have legalized the use of marijuana to varying degrees.

Mid-Michigan is still digesting the news that seven men from the Lansing area have been convicted of federal drug crimes.  Six of the seven have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to four years. The episode stems from a federal raid on several marijuana growing facilities in Okemos in 2010. Defense attorneys argued that the group contacted local law enforcement about their plans, intending to run a completely legal marijuana growing business.  

Current State's Mark Bashore speaks with Bob Baldori, an East Lansing-based attorney who organized the legal team that represented the defendants.  They're joined by Lance Forsberg of Okemos, who was sentenced in April to three years in prison.