Cesar Chavez Ave. Sign Unveiled In Old Town

Jan 2, 2018

A small crowd braved the freezing cold Tuesday afternoon to watch the unveiling of the Cesar Chavez street sign.


They cheered as Mayor Andy Schor climbed a ladder in Old Town and unveiled the new sign.

The crowd watches as Mayor Andy Schor climbs the ladder to reveal the Cesar E. Chavez Ave. sign.
Credit Katie Cook / WKAR-MSU

City Council voted back in October to rename the portion of Grand River Avenue between Pine Street and Oakland Avenue "Cesar E. Chavez Avenue."

Lorenzo Lopez is a member of the community who says they have been lobbying for this for 23 years.

“We’ve been working our way up since then to finally recognize the American icon, American hero Cesar E. Chavez.”

Lopez expressed what the name change represents for him.


The Cesar E. Chavez Ave. sign was unveiled at the Turner St. intersection in Old Town,
Credit Katie Cook / WKAR-MSU

“It means a recognition of all Americans coming together honoring a great American. And it means so much for the Latino community so that we are at equal level of all Americans. That’s what it means to me.”

The name change officially went into effect on January 1st.