City Council 'Regular' Seeks 4th Ward Seat

Jun 19, 2017

With Jessica Yorko’s decision against running for re-election in Lansing’s fourth ward, seven candidates are pursuing the open seat. WKAR’s conversations with council candidates continue with Kathi Ann Raffone, who’s making her first bid for public office.

Raffone says her interest in Lansing politics began when she opened a small business. She wanted to know more about what was going on. She became passionate in the last 12 years because she saw things that irked her. Raffone came to be one of the council meeting "regulars" who frequently spoke out during public comment sessions.

That 12 years, of course, coincides with Mayor Virg Bernero's time in office. She's happy that Bernero chose not to run for another term.

"Some of these hairbrained ideas are obviously not well thought out." - Kathi Ann Raffone, on proposals to sell city hall or the Board of Water and Light.

Raffone says the 4th ward has been totally overlooked, asking "when do you ever hear of anything happening in the 4th ward? We've got a bunch of people here that need things and are interested in having their neighborhoods redeveloped."

The candidate opposes any notion of selling the Lansing Board of Water and Light, and also is against Bernero's proposal to sell the city hall building.

Raffone's campaign slogan is "No Baloney, Vote Raffone." It's a phrase that not only rhymes but explains what she says her approach would be to serving on the council.