Clock ticks for residents of condemned Lansing trailer park

Mar 7, 2014

Residents of the Life O'Riley mobile home park in Lansing are facing a 5 p.m. deadline to vacate. The eviction order came from the Ingham County Health Department, which deemed the facility unsafe.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Last Tuesday, the Ingham County Health Department notified residents of the Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park and Campground that they had 10 days to find another place to live. A failing sewage disposal system and other issues have created an urgent health hazard.

This evening at 5 p.m. is the deadline for all 85 households in the park to be vacated. 

With just 10 days to relocate hundreds of residents -- some who’ve been there for decades, and many who are living on limited resources – it has been an especially difficult challenge for local non-profits and city, county and state officials who have rallied to help resolve the crisis.

Current State spoke with Dr. Joan Jackson Johnson, director of Lansing's Human Relations and Community Services Department, and with Elizabeth Rios, supervising attorney for Legal Services of South Central Michigan.