Current Sports | 10/28/16 | #813

Oct 28, 2016

MSU Tailgate Show.

Tune in to the first ever MSU tailgate show right now. It's a party in Studio S, with live analysis, opinions and memories on the University of Michigan-Michigan State rivalry. Todd Duckett, legendary MSU tailback, relives his best moments and brings up what the rivalry means to him. Then, Darien Harris, former linebacker and captain,  joins the show and also gives his pick. Hear his takes on the treatment of college athletes in general, amidst the backdrop of a looming game day. Finally, East Lansing native and Atlanta radio producer and host Deshaun Tate comes on the air to provide an analyst's view. He counts up the factors that wil decide the game. Finally, Al and Isaac give their picks to finish off the show.