Current Sports | 11/2/16 | #816

Nov 2, 2016

The World Series, Game 7, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, College Football Playoff Rankings, Detroit Pistons, Vince Ellis and MSU Men's Basketball.

Al's two favorite words in sports have arrived: game seven. That's right, Current Sports provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect when the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians take the field tonight to decide the victor of the MLB. Al and engineer Isaac Constans predict the same team for the same reasons, but produce very different score lines.

Next up, college football is in the news with some controversial rankings, but Al proposes that might be just what they want. Following, Vince Ellis joins the cast for a Detroit Pistons overview, bringing his considerable insights as the Detroit Free Press beat reporter. Should and will the Pistons actually move downtown? Finally, Al and Isaac will be watching MSU basketball tonight and share who they will be watching.