Current Sports | 11/7/16 | #819

Nov 7, 2016

Detroit Lions Football, NFL, Michigan State Men's Soccer, Damon Rensing, Matthew Stafford, NFL MVP and Michigan College Football Recap.

Credit G.Smith / Detroit Lions

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" the Detroit Lions are now 5-4 following an incredible game-winning drive by Matthew Stafford. Al breaks down the mettle of this team, and engineer Isaac Constans chimes in to discuss whether or not Stafford is a bona fide MVP candidate. Then, MSU men's soccer has had a splendid season this year, encapsulated by its 2-1 win over Penn State this weekend. Head coach Damon Rensing is in the studio to field questions revolving around his team's postseason run. In closing, Al and Isaac hit on the new low that MSU football has hit and the new high that UM football has reached in the final stretch.