Current Sports | 4/22/16 | #687

Apr 22, 2016

Prince, Magic Johnson, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, Current Sports TV Rewind, Brandy Agee, and Reflection Friday.

Credit NPG Records

This show is dedicated to the musical icon Prince. Opening the hour, Al and engineer Isaac Constans give their best memories of Prince and describe what he meant to them. Then, they talk Detroit Red Wings, as the Wings were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who bares the fault for the loss, if anyone, and where does Hockeytown go from here? Then, Al takes a caller and provides a clip from his interview with Brandy Agee, Michigan State women's basketball player, that aired last night for a "Current Sports TV Rewind." Finally, "Reflection Friday" wraps it all up, including a preview of the Pistons game and the news that Conor McGregor isn't retired, after all.