Current Sports #517 | July 24, 2015

Jul 24, 2015

John Smoltz' Legacy, Josh Smith Cutting Back, Braxton Miller as a Wide Receiver, James Moore, Team USA Basketball and Weekend Winners.

The show opens with a little bit of nostalgia, as Al and Isaac reminisce about the greatness of John Smoltz in wake of his Hall of Fame acceptance. The former Braves pitcher from Lansing has his greatest moments remembered and his eye-popping stats put into perspective. Braxton Miller's position change has helped sort the clog at QB for Ohio State, but how much success will he have as an H-Back. Then, Al and Isaac are incensed after Josh Smith's claim that it would be hard for him and his family considering his new salary, which weighs in at over $6 million a year. James Moore, former MSU tailback, then graces the show to talk everything football, and his camp this weekend. And then the week is over, but not before a testy 'Reflection Friday'.