Current Sports #519 | July 28, 2015

Jul 28, 2015

MSU Football Recruiting, Cam Holding, Women Coaching in Men's Sports, Alex Rodriguez and Baseball's Comeback Player of the Year.

To open, Al and Isaac profile the newest Michigan State football commit of 2016, AJ Arcuri, an offensive lineman who seems to be the replacement for Gavin Cupp. After that discussion, they discuss the impacts of the latest woman who is making tracks deep into the realm of men's sports, Jen Welter. Around that corner comes Cam Holding, the new MSU lacrosse coach and guest for this show, to discuss his career and the new challenge that awaits him. Finally, it might not be 'Barbershop Wednesday' but debate is open. Al and Isaac state whether or not Alex Rodriguez should win or even be considered for the MLB's Comeback Player of the Year award.