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Jul 13, 2016

Home Run Derby, Best All-Star Weekends, Draymond Green Arrest, Detroit Tigers Midseason Grades, and Steph Curry's Camp.

Credit Gabriel Argudo Jr. / Flickr Creative Commons

Giancarlo Stanton electrified San Diego and the rest of the United States with a 61-homer performance in the Home Run Derby. Al and engineer Isaac Constans admire the performance and compare baseball's handling of their All Star Weekend to those of other major sports. Then, Draymond Green may have delivered the slap, but he has been hit hard by the media since his arrest. With details continuously being revealed, is the incident a big deal? Then, Al and Isaac dispute their midseason grades for the Detroit Tigers, but while their rhetoric is heated, the grades are right around the same. One more fight on the day comes afterwards, as the two take separate sides on whether Steph Curry is fair to charge over $2,000 for a basketball camp.