Current Sports | 7/27/16 | #750

Jul 27, 2016

Best Dunk Ever, Big Ten Media Day Takeaways, Michigan State Football, Detroit Tigers, College Football Scheduling, and Concussions.

Credit Shawn D. Ashley / Flickr Creative Commons

Ahh, what could have been. After DeMar DeRozan was just fingertips away from completing what would have been a memorable dunk, the conversation sparks for what is the greatest. Al and engineer Isaac Constans agree on that but offer other contenders, as well. Then, what can be gleaned from the media frenzy in Chicago for Big Ten Media Day? Al and Isaac discuss the season outlook and the new revelations from this week. And there are still no reports of a fat lady singing about the Detroit Tigers, meaning they still have a chance and deserve a talking point on the show. Finally, hear about the NFL's new concussion protocol to foreshadow tomorrow's show.