Democratic Party: El-Sayed Eligibility Settled After Rulings

May 18, 2018

The Michigan Democratic Party says the matter of whether gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed is eligible to run is settled following a court decision and a ruling by the state elections bureau.

The party and El-Sayed released a Court of Claims ruling, dated May 11, dismissing El-Sayed's lawsuit against the state.

El-Sayed had sought a judgment at the party's request after questions were raised over whether he will have been a registered Michigan voter for four years before the election.

The elections bureau rejected challenges to El-Sayed, and Judge Christopher Murray tossed the suit at the parties' request.

Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon said Thursday El-Sayed is eligible and Democrats are focused on winning in November.

El-Sayed spokesman Adam Joseph says voters "can be fully confident in their support of Abdul."