Detroit celebrates 150 years of Vernors

Jun 9, 2016

A Detroit institution in the world of carbonated beverages turns 150 years old this year. Scott Pohl talks with Keith Wunderlich of the Vernors Ginger Ale Collectors Club.

In Michigan, we call it pop, not soda, and one of the state’s favorite brands of pop is Vernors Ginger Ale. Vernors was created in Detroit 150 years ago, and celebrations this week will culminate with a big event on Saturday.

Current State’s Scott Pohl spoke with a man who might be the biggest fan of Vernors in Michigan. Keith Wunderlich is superintendent in the Waterford school district. He’s also known as the unofficial historian of the Vernors Ginger Ale Collector’s Club. His basement has been made over into what is essentially a Vernors museum.