Eaton Rapids foundry to create up to 200 jobs

Nov 28, 2011

EATON RAPIDS, MI (WKAR) - Plans are underway to build a new foundry in mid-Michigan that will make components for wind turbines. Business and civic leaders say the plan will create about 200 new jobs for the region.

Dowding Industries and Astraeus Wind Energy make wind turbines in Eaton Rapids. The foundry that will be located at the plant will cast the 20-ton hubs that attach to the blades.

Smoothing and shaping the metal is usually a very time consuming process. But president Jeff Metts says the foundry's multiple machine technology will cut manufacturing time down to a fraction.

"To be able to take a 20-ton casting that normally takes six days and produce it in one day; these are the kinds of advancements that you don't see," says Metts. "I mean, this is earth-shattering."

Metts says the technology can be used to help other companies who now obtain large metal components from overseas. Supporters say the foundry is part of a larger strategy to make Michigan a leader in clean energy technology. © Copyright 2011, WKAR