EL’s Mark Grebner: ‘We Can’t Get Rid of Him’

Nov 16, 2016

East Lansing’s Mark Grebner has served on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners for decades. After a brief hiatus, Grebner’s been elected to re-join the board. We ask the Democrat what he wants to accomplish on the board and what he expects from a Trump administration in Washington.

“We can’t get rid of him!” That was the message on lawn signs created by long-time Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner in his bid last week to re-join the board after a 3-year year hiatus.

Apparently, the message resonated with voters. The East Lansing Democrat returns to the board in January after outpolling his competitor by a nearly seven-to-three margin.

All together, Grebner has already served 32 years as an Ingham County commissioner.

We talk with Mark Grebner about his return, county business he thinks needs addressing and what he thinks of the Presidential election results.