Former Army Secretary Touts Slotkin Bid For Congress

Sep 14, 2017

Former U.S. Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning was in East Lansing today to campaign for Democratic congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin. Both are Michigan natives with extensive military and national security credentials.

Fanning was the first openly gay service secretary in history, overseeing 1.4-million people and a $147-billion budget.

Fanning says before President Trump brought up his desire to remove transgendered people from military service, people in uniform thought the matter had been resolved. He expects the courts to step in. "How you go about saying a group of people can serve, and then saying they can't serve anymore," Fanning states. "There's not a precedent for that until you go back to World War II."

Slotkin hopes to unseat Republican Mike Bishop in Michigan’s eighth congressional district.