Great Lakes Month in Review: DEQ appointee’s oil past; Enbridge Line 5 assessment

Jul 26, 2016

A former oil company executive is awaiting confirmation by the Michigan Senate to become the state’s next director of the Department of Environmental Quality, and an assessment of Enbridge Energy’s controversial Line 5 at the Mackinac Straits is in the works. We talk with Great Lakes environmental reporter Gary Wilson for our Environment Month in Review.

July has included several important environmental news stories in Michigan. Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration has tapped Heidi Grether, a former oil company lobbyist, to become the next head of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality. A plan has taken shape to assess risks associated with Enbridge Energy’s Line 5A. And a lingering chapter in the Kalamazoo River oil spill was closed when Enbridge agreed to more than $100-million in fines.

Current State speaks with Chicago-based journalist and commentator Gary Wilson of Great Lakes Echo for our monthly review of environmental news.

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