Historic Detroit mill that housed Arsenal of Democracy now falling apart

Aug 27, 2015

Our summer visits to historic Detroit-area sites concludes with a stop at the Wilcox Plymouth Mill. Once a simple grist mill, it became a part of the Arsenal of Democracy, but is now in disrepair. Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with Jack Dempsey of the Michigan Historical Commission about the history that will be lost if it isn’t preserved.

Detroit's historic Wilcox Plymouth Mill has fallen into disrepair.
Credit WKAR/Scott Pohl

This summer, Michigan Historical Commission president Jack Dempsey has been our guide to historic sites around Detroit. We’ve visited the former home of president Ulysses S. Grant, and the site where the black Civil War regiment known as the First Michigan Colored trained to fight.

Today, Jack shows Current State’s Scott Pohl around one final site for this summer: the Wilcox Plymouth Mill. It's a building that had humble beginnings before being transformed into an important facility for what came to be known as the Arsenal of Democracy. It has seen better days, and Jack Dempsey would like to see it spruced up so its history won’t be forgotten.