The impact of Michigan's $130-million pre-school expansion

Feb 3, 2015

Credit Flickr - Brian Hart

Early childhood education is really important. Years of research have shown that a quality pre-school can have a big impact on a child’s learning later on. And it’s especially important for kids of color or from low-income backgrounds. But for years, Michigan was leaving behind tens of thousands of its most vulnerable kids.

In 2012, a Bridge Magazine investigation found that over 30,000 eligible four year olds were falling through the cracks. The series caught the attention of legislators and the governor. And in the past three years, the state has invested $130-million into reaching those “forgotten four-year-olds”.

Current State talks about about Michigan’s pre-school expansion with the reporter who broke the story in 2012. Ron French is a senior writer for Bridge Magazine and has been following up on how the expansion is impacting kids in Michigan.