Lansing affordable housing advocates unveil five-year plan

Sep 9, 2014


Federal officials consider housing “affordable” when it costs less than 30-percent of its residents’ income. By that measure, affordable housing is outside the reach of more than 60,000 families in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As of this morning, there’s a new game plan for to increase quality, affordable housing in the Lansing area.

Since 2012, the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition has been gathering information and data to create a five-year plan for affordable housing. The so-called “ICE” report---that’s an acronym for both ‘Ingham, Clinton and Eaton’---AND ‘innovative, collaborative, empowering’---is released today. GLHC administrators hope the report gives direction to key decision makers.

The ICE report focuses on addressing the particular needs of low income families, older people and those with disabilities.

Current State talks with two administrators of the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition.  Katherine Draper is that organization’s executive director, and Susan Moriarity is a research associate.