Lansing Promise To Offer Scholarships This Fall

Feb 15, 2012

Starting this fall, leaders of the Lansing Promise Zone will offer college scholarships to high school graduates who live within the Lansing School District.  The program applies at two local institutions. 

The Lansing Promise Zone is preparing to give 650 students graduating from Lansing schools this spring scholarships to Lansing Community College or Michigan State University.  The funding covers up to 60 credits at LCC or up to $5,000 towards tuition and fees at MSU.  Board chairman Kellie Dean calls the program a “game changer” for many families.

"Families are going to be allowed something that they’ve never had before: kids that are going to get a higher education," says Dean.  "The preparedness for their workforce; it will change will improve all aspects of our great community.”

Dean says the Lansing Promise funding is not dependent on any revenues that may come from a future casino proposed for downtown Lansing.  However, he says any additional funds would greatly expand the scope of the  program.