Medical Marijuana Patients Could Use “Edibles” Under Bill In State Legislature

Oct 25, 2013

Medical marijuana patients in Michigan would be able to use edible forms of the drug under a proposal in Lansing.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, it’s a response to a recent court ruling.

Patients are limited to smoking medical marijuana under a decision this year by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Republican state Representative Eileen Kowall introduced the bill to allow things like baked goods, capsules, and candies that contain the active ingredients in marijuana.

“There’s many people who could benefit from the benefits of medical marijuana who couldn’t smoke it in their condition,” she said.  “So, to me, it’s just kind of like correcting a glitch in the language in the law.”

The proposed change has bi-partisan support in the state Legislature. It would need a three-fourths majority to pass.