MI adds killer shrimp, others to banned species list

Nov 18, 2014

Killer shrimp have been added to Michigan's banned species list.
Credit http://www.michigan.gov/dnr

Killer shrimp might sound like the name of a B-grade horror film you’d see on the Syfy channel. But unlike Sharknadoes, the tiny crustacean poses a real threat, especially in the Great Lakes. Its voracious appetite has earned it a spot on the state’s recently updated banned species list, which identifies potential invasive aquatic pests.

There are already more than 180 invasive species living in the Great Lakes basin, and they’ve had an impact on everything from water quality to the state’s fishing and recreation industries.

States across the basin, including Michigan, are working hard to make sure that new invaders like killer shrimp don’t take hold.

Current State speaks with Nick Popoff, Aquatic Species manager for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.