MSU study: school of choice a “revolving door” for some students

Aug 3, 2015

Charters schools and vouchers might be the most most controversial debates about schooling options. But there’s another program that’s sending tens of thousands of Michigan kids away from their assigned schools. Current State talks with Joshua Cowen, associate professor at MSU, about his ongoing research into the program.

Credit Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

School choice is a hot topic in Michigan these days. From debates over charter school accountability to vouchers for private schools, the issue can be a divisive one. But charters and vouchers aren’t the only ways students are switching schools. Just as widespread is students choosing to go to public schools outside of their neighborhood district, a practice known as “school of choice”.

Josh Cowen is an MSU professor who recently authored a report looking at which Michigan students were most likely to choose to go to a public school outside of their hometowns.

Current State speaks with Cowen about his research.